Shinsuke Page 001

Big Pink

A weird pink ninja climbs Big Pink in Rose City.Read...

Shinsuke Page 003


The ninja gets caught.Read more ›

Shinsuke Page 004

Great Escape

The ninja runs from the security team.Read more ›

Shinsuke Page 007

Just Tea

The dapper man is upset that the ninja is appropriating...

Shinsuke Page 011


The true purpose of Professional Wrestling is revealed.Read more ›

Shinsuke Page 012

Rose Quarter

The ninja breaks into the Rose Quarter.Read more ›

Shinsuke Page 013

Gorilla Position

The ninja investigates the backstage of a wrestling show.

Shinsuke Page 014

Aqua Gato

Aqua Gato, The heavyweight champion of the seven seas.


Bear Hug

The ninja faces the might of Aqua Gato.Read more ›

Shinsuke Page 017

Fare Jumper

The ninja jumps on a light rail and escapes.

Shinsuke Page 018

Double Cross

The secret agents are waiting for the ninja.Read more ›

Shinsuke Page 019

The Meetup

The ninja fights the agents that hire him.Read more ›

Shinsuke Page 026

On the beach

Robert and Shinsuke recap at Shinsuke's home in California.

Shinsuke Page 027

Long Division

Robert and Shinsuke do not agree on everything.Read more ›