First Appearance: Crow #4
Heroic Affiliation: The Alternatives (former), None (current)
Location: Rain City, Oregon, United States of America.

Alphaman is a fictional heroic character featured in the Crowverse.

Alphaman is a hero who helps out the poor and apathetic, but from time to time he takes down criminals ranging from small-time crooks to lower level crime lords all over Rain City. He has worked with many of the “Superheroes 4 Real” (S4R) members for numerous charitable events including the Marathon for Infants, March for Dollars, and many more. Alphaman used to be the leader of the S4R team in Rain City called “The Alternatives,” but after discovering that his wife and partner, Devil’s Maw, convinced the whole team that Crow was a villain and tried to frame him for assault on a small-time group of villains called, The Hellfire Boyz, while they were hanging out at their home. Not only that, but he discovered that his wife was also cheating on him with his team mate, Black Blade. He ended the relationship with her and dismantled the team in order to prove to to Crow that Crow was right about them all along.

Creation and conception

Alphaman is loosely based on the real-life superhero “Zetaman.” Zetaman is one of the superheroes in the reality show, The Real Adventures of Zetaman.[1] He was also featured in a photoshoot project by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac. [2]

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips
Alphaman first appeared in Crow #4 as a fellow hero and antagonist of Crow.

Fictional character biography

After a sudden realization that his city was not being restored like all of the activists, law enforcement, and politicians had been telling the public, Orion Zich took it upon himself to raise Rain City up to be a shining example of a corruption and crime-free city. He felt that starting with the poor and apathetic was the best starting point to inspire the city and his action were noticed quickly not only by the main stream media, but by the newly formed Superheroes 4 Real organization.

Alphaman is a gentle and kind person, but is often angered by people tearing down others. He is viewed by Crow as a “boy scout” due to his non-violent and trusting personality.

Alphaman is a loyal ally to Crow and is good friends with many of the S4R veterans including Bullet Time, Pigeon Man, Shadow Guard, and The Patriot.

Alphaman is an enemy his old team mates: Agent Void, Black Blade, Devil’s Maw, and Neuro Cyphex. He has run-ins with an odd homeless drug addict who calls himself Metalman due to his love of heavy metal music.


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