Crow ProfileFirst Appearance: Crow #1
Heroic Affiliation: Death Gods (former), None (current)
Location: Rain City, Oregon, United States of America.

Crow is a fictional vigilante character featured in the Crowverse.

Crow fights for the very soul of Rain City. His belief is that if he takes down all of the corrupt and villainous people in Rain City he will be able to save the city and inspire others to take up arms to do the same in their cities and towns. Crow was a member of the world’s most elite and secretive vigilante society until he realized that they were just as corrupt, if not more so, than the city he sought to protect. He dismantled the organization and sent off many of the most powerful, influential, and well-connected people off on missions were they were ambushed and supposedly killed. He returned to Rain City shortly after that and immediately took up arms against the criminal underworld starting with the notorious, Clownface gang.

Creation and conception

Crow is based on what his creator, William Rail, felt would be an effective, advantageous, and tactical vigilante that could exist today. He uses actual modern criminal investigation techniques and tools to solve crimes that are loosely based on crimes that have actually occurred in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; and Detroit, Michigan.

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips
Crow first appeared in Crow #1 as the series protagonist.

Fictional character biography

Daniel Parker’s lost his mother to a rare disease that even the most prestigious doctors had never seen or heard of and shortly after that his girlfriend, Lilith Romano, lied about being sexually assaulted after he beat up her supposed attackers. He decided to run away and was soon found and recruited by his old friend’s older brother, who so happened to be a powerful vigilante affiliated with the ancient and mysterious organization known as the Death Gods. After training with the secret society for a few years he quickly moved up the ranks and after his master’s mysterious death, he became the new leader of the organization. He discovered that the group was split into two factions: those that were truly fighting for truth and justice and those that fought for control of the world. He dismantled the organization by sending those that were on the side of villainy on a mission that he made sure would be ambushed by the Unified Nation of Earth (UNE) and killed. Soon after, he traveled back to Rain City to continue his fight for the soul of his city…

Crow is very confident and is often very cocky, which he uses to intimidate his foes. Due to the shock from Lilith Romano’s lie, he is easily enraged by those that try to or have successfully sexually assaulted someone. He is an incredibly skilled fighter and has a brilliant deductive mind which he uses to quickly solve crimes. He was considered to be the most skilled fight in the Death Gods, excluding his master, and if he allowed his rage to consume him is nearly unstoppable even when battling foes such as Reaper who have superhuman levels of strength and endurance. Crow has dabbled in pseudo martial arts such as channeling an inner animal, which is ironically the Crow spirit, and he uses it to become more agile and ferocious in battle.

Crow currently has two allies in Rain City, Alphaman and Wolf, who are incredibly loyal.

Crow has many enemies all over the world and some that he has never heard of or encountered. Those that he knows of currently are: the criminal gangs of Rain City (AIM, Clownface, Krokodil, and The Locust), Nicholas Gonzalez aka The Mayor, and the New Gods of Death (remnants of the Death Gods).