First Appearance: Debug #1
Heroic Affiliation: None (current)
Location: Rain City, Oregon, United States of America.

Debug is a fictional heroic character featured in the Crowverse.

Debug uses his virtual reality game-based powers to eliminate the strange creatures from legend that roam all over the Rain City area which were either released by someone or escaped captivity. The creatures that he fights are all chimeras that are meant to have the same characteristic and abilities as their mythological counterparts. Debug can “gear swap” with whatever his current equipment slot macros are on his account in the virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Adventure Planet, which was created by his employer, Steam Tech Enterprises. Any piece of equipment that he uses in the game translates perfectly into reality i.e. the abilities and side effects that are on the equipment affect him the same way in reality. He fights to keep Rain City safe from harm by the mysterious beasts.

Creation and conception

Debug’s alter-ego is a parody of William Rail’s little brother. Debug’s overall design is based on traditional role-playing games where the hero is usually incredibly overpowered. He often wears mismatched equipment as a character from a standard MMORPG “end game” player would have.

Publication history

Comic books and comic strips
Debug first appeared in Perspectives from Rain City #11 as the red-haired swordsman who saved a man named Jason Richfield from an attack by a couple of Shinigami.

Fictional character biography

Antonio Rolf was always an incredibly talented gamer and programmer, but with his friends, Curtis Fox and Daniel Parker, always hanging around him he never really focused on training himself to be better. After Daniel ran away to become a vigilante, he lost one of his best friends, but he became incredibly driven to become the best programmer the world had ever seen. Due to his focus, he lost his other best friend to despair and loneliness, which only strengthened his focus even more. He became so good that instead of entering contests or competing for jobs against long lists of applicants, tech companies were asking to hire him for jobs. He graduated from high school two years early by testing so well on the every standardized test that they felt he could have exceeded the point limit if there were more advanced questions to answer! He was eventually approached by Darby Belemere, the co-founder of Steam Tech Enterprises, to be the lead programmer and debug specialist on Franklin Cleveland’s game design that was to be ready by the end of 2009. The month before the release of the virtual reality MMORPG, Adventure Planet, was to release Antonio decided to do some last minute debugging runs while he was connected to the game. While he was inside the game, the terrorist group called The Locust setup a hostage situation of the entire Steam Tech Enterprises building and all of its staff. Not only that, but they cut the power to the building which effectively left Antonio’s consciousness inside of the game. It wasn’t long before Crow ended the reign of terror and the police returned power to the building, but when Antonio consciousness returned to his body he felt different. After a few days he would wake up with his equipment that his avatar had on in the game and it would flicker back to his normal attire that he fell asleep in after a few minutes of shock. Eventually, he mastered how to use his new found abilities and could “swap” to his equipment and back to his normal clothes in a matter of seconds.

Debug is very witty and often finds himself quoting video games when speaking with people. He is very shy and when confronted with the choice to meet new people or be alone he often chooses to go solo. He is a very kind person with a strong moral code to the truth.

Debug is learning to master his powers under the guidance of Franklin Cleveland aka Steam Tech.

Debug has made enemies of the Yakuza, a Japanese criminal organization that capitalizes on genetic experiments. He often encounters a variety of chimeras that always see him as their biggest threat to survival.